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The Leveling Agony

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About: The Leveling Agony

The Leveling Agony was originally a World of Warcraft, horde-side guild in the server Xavius [EU]. We have been around for about 3-4 years and have seen lots of change and growth in that time. And now we have expanded to Guild Wars 2 to the server Gandara[EU].

Our guild aim is to provide a place for anyone who wants to join a guild. You can be a total beginner or a hardcore player who has cleared all the content already and still be able to join no matter what level you are. The Leveling Agony is a: Helpful, Social, Leveling, Event/Mini-games based guild. With us, you don't have obligations like being online every friday evening.

Our members are free to organise themselves in terms of raids, battlegrounds, etc. Our officer team tries to schedule events from time to time and will include guild members in these as much as possible. An example of these are our mini-games that we make up along the way such as "The NPC game" or "Hide & Seek" in which the winner of the game wins a random prize. Anyone can volunteer to host an event, just ask one of our officers and we'll create a guild calendar entry for you.

If you wish to join our guild, please /w one of our members or an officer in-game and we'll invite you instantly. Should you wish to know more of us, read this article about us at WoW-Insider or visit us on Facebook.

The Leveling Agony Officer Team


The Leveling Agony in WoW-Insider!

15 mar 2012

"Finally, a leveling guild worth calling home"
The Leveling Agony got featured on WoW Insider, the article contains an interview with our beloved guild leader and pictures of guild members! Be sure to check this flattering article out right here!

Guild Member featured in WoW-Insider

14 mar 2012

"Around Azeroth: Zeppelins rule!"
The Leveling Agony got featured on WoW Insider, the article is about our guild member Heilenkuh being chased back to thunderbluff by a fleet of paper zappelings! Read the article right here!

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Guild Info


WoW Server: Xavius [EU] [Horde]
GW2 Server: Gandara[EU]
Facebook: The Leveling Agony
Team Speak 3: No Password Required


1. Don't use capslock.
2. Don't steal (ninja) items at any time.
3. Only speak english in our Guild Chat.
4. Do not reinvite people who have been kicked from the guild by an officer.
5. Use of offensive and/or derogatory words against other player is prohibited.
6. Do not ask for boosts or currency, members will offer/give them when they want to.
7. Let an officer know if you are going to be offline for more than 20 days or you risk being kicked for inactivity.
8. Behave yourself both inside and outside the guild as people judge a guild based on its members.
9. If you disagree with an officer's decision, take a screenshot and whisper the GM or another officer.

Guild Bank Rule:
If you take something, be sure to put an equal quality item or worth of money into the guildbank. Some things cannot be accessed unless you're an officer/class leader/guild master, as such you can just ask any of us if you want something.

Should you wish to see what happens upon violation of the rules, please click here for the extended list.